Equipment Servicing

All equipment used by divers underwater or in the provision of their breathing gases is fundamentally life support equipment. Scuba regulators and compressors work at extremely high pressures and use innovative engineering design techniques to function correctly.

The repair, adjustment and testing of this equipment is not intuitive even for the mechanically minded or those with formal engineering training in other disciplines. The Service information, custom spare parts and special custom tools are usually difficult if not impossible to obtain outside the trade.

Only formal training in the repair and maintenance of dive equipment can ensure the continuing safe and reliable operation of life support equipment.

We service the following equipment:

  • Scuba Regulators
  • Scuba Buoyancy Control Devices
  • Scuba Gauges and Computers
  • Cylinder Hydrostatic testing
  • Cylinder Visual Inspection per PSI standards
  • Valve Servicing
  • Steel tank tumbling
  • Speargun modification and repair on most brands and models
  • Oxygen Cleaning